Victoria & Albert Halls Hire Rates




Victoria Hall

Albert Hall

Mike Sheridan Room

Beaton Craigie Room


All our rooms have Kitchen Facilities + accessible toilets

+ stage
Ground floor

(10m x 13m)
+ stage|first floor


(11.5 x 7.5m) first floor (lift) carpeted

(9.8m x 7.4 m)
ground floor
(entry sloped)



£18 per hour

£18 ph

£14 ph

£14 ph


All Other Hires

£25 ph

£25 ph

£20 ph

£20 ph


Party (child)

£18 ph

£18 ph

£14 ph

£14 ph


Party (adult)

£25 ph

£25 ph

£20 ph

£20 ph


Community: This is any not-for-profit group or organisation operating within the AB35 postcode, or groups with a strong link to Ballater

All Other Hires: To include for-profit organisations or events, all agencies and Government bodies. If you are unsure which category your group or event falls into, please get in touch for advice.

 Additional Venues

Community HUB

Office Space


Meeting Place >12 wifi, AV tea/coffee inc

Hot desk in peace and quiet, wifi, tea etc inc

Large, outdoor, open to Station Sq


£10 ph 

£5 ph



Additional Fees

One Room > 24hrs


PA System


One Room > 48hrs




Two Rooms > 24hrs


Room Set up/Clear up

£15 ph

Two Rooms > 48hrs


Additional equipment and services available

  • Four or more Community bookings of 3 or more hours made within a four-week period benefit from a 25% discount.

  • First time or irregular bookings will be required to pay the whole hire fee up front.

  • If a minimum hire time is deemed necessary, this will be notified at the time of the booking

  • Following a review of your booking, an additional cleaning/damage deposit may be required in advance of the event, on top of the hire fee, which will be returned once a thorough inspection has been made and a list of criteria (available separately) have been met.

  • We may also require additional documents such as risk assessments, proof of training, licences, or proof of sufficient insurance for your event.

  • Cancellation fees apply within certain time frames. See

  • Terms and conditions apply. See

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