Beaton Craigie Room

The Beaton Craigie Room Is on the lower ground floor of the Halls complex. Access is via a ramp with the door on Monaltrie Road. This is a large carpeted area with a capacity for up to 40 persons.

The Beaton Craigie Room is often used by various clubs and groups for meetings and presentations, and is laid out with small tables for bridge and whist clubs. The Ballater Pantry is based here and there are various groups such as The ReadySteadyEat Cafe and Toastie, who use it for lunches and smaller catering events

Events may be advertised in various locations around Ballater including the Halls notice board, the community notice board on the Glenmuick Church green and also on Ballater's Community website,

The floorplan for the Beaton Craigie room may be viewed here.

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