1. Bookings - Applications for the hiring of any of the halls or rooms of the Victoria & Albert Halls complex in Ballater must be made to the Bookings Secretary using the online booking form. Enquiries should be made to bookings@victoriaandalberthalls.co.uk, or 07468210068. The Treasurer will send the appropriate invoice for the hall hire which should be paid immediately. Any request for refund in the event of a late cancellation will be considered on its merits. The hall or room hired must only be used for the purpose specified at the time of booking. No booking shall be accepted which involves overnight stays.


Bookings can be cancelled without penalty up to seven days before the due date. 6 to 4 days notice will be charged 50% booking fee. 3 days or less full fee payable.

Bookings for 2 or more halls can be cancelled up to 1 month before the due date. 4 weeks to 3 weeks will be charged 25% of booking fee. 3 weeks to 2 weeks will be charged 50% of booking fee. 2 weeks to 1 week will be charged 75% of booking fee. Less than 1 week full fee payable. 

2. Fire Safety - The Hirer shall provide as many Fire Safety Attendants (FSA) as are required, taking into account the nature and size of the proposed event, including the number of under 16s attending. Each FSA is required to:

(a) be in attendance throughout the period of the hire;

(b) have knowledge of the locations of the Break Glass fire alarm call points, and the fire extinguishers;

(c) have knowledge of fire escape exits and routes thereto, and the designated assembly point;

(d) in the event of a fire, activate the alarm system, assist in evacuation to the assembly point, and summon the Fire Service. There is a public telephone in Station Square.

If instruction is required for a FSA, please contact either Ade Scripps 07929635396 or Bill Braid 01339 755364 or email victoriaandalberthalls@outlook.com


In line with current legislation, smoking is not permitted on the premises. The use of stage and sound effects, smoke bombs, smoke generators, flash powder, flash boxes, detonators and similar items is not permitted. No one is permitted to remain on a staircase or in a passage during the proposed event, or in any way cause an obstruction.

3. First Aid - The Hirer shall provide First Aid cover for the proposed event. Any appointed First Aid person should be appropriately trained and in possession of a First Aid Certificate.

4. General Safety - Persons or Groups making a booking are entirely responsible for the safety of those attending the event. The maximum number of persons that may be accommodated in the premises at any one time is displayed at; https://www.victoriaandalberthalls.co.uk/bookings/information-for-hall-users.

5. The Hirer shall indemnify the Victoria & Albert Memorial Halls Development Association (the Committee) against any and all claims (a) by third parties regarding personal injury, death or loss or damage to personal property and possessions, and (b) for any loss or damage to the premises or property in the premises, arising out of the use of the premises by the Hirer. The Hirer shall, on request prior to the hire being confirmed, provide the Secretary with evidence of relevant third party insurance.

6. There shall be no unauthorised extension to a stage. If consent is given to a stage extension, the Hirer shall indemnify the Committee against any loss or damage incurred as a result of the extension.

7. Liquor Licence - The Hirer is responsible for obtaining an occasional liquor licence if alcoholic liquor is to be sold directly or indirectly at the proposed event. Any application for such a licence should be made at least 6 weeks prior to any event, to Aberdeenshire Council. For further information email licencing@aberdeenshire.gov.uk. If the price of a ticket or of entry to an event includes an alcoholic drink, this is classed as selling alcohol and thus requires a licence – for example a cheese and wine evening or a fashion show. A licence is NOT required where people bring their own liquor.

8. In the case of a public entertainment event, the Hirer shall ensure that no member of the public will remain on the premises after 1am, without prior authorisation having been obtained by the Hirer from Aberdeenshire Council.

9. No performance in public of any work within the meaning of the Copyright Act shall be allowed without the Hirer having obtained a Performing Rights Society Licence, or other appropriate permission.

10. Care of the premises - The premises shall be left after use in a tidy condition on the same day as the event, unless otherwise agreed. All rubbish, bottles, cans, jumble, etc., MUST be removed from the premises before the premises are vacated. All bins with bags have spare bags in the bin under the bag in use. The Trade Waste bins for glass, recycling and general waste are located on the decked area to the left of the Community Hub and are clearly marked. Containers for cigarette ends are located near the entrance for each Hall. In the event that the premises are not left in a clean and tidy state, a set amount may be added to the hire charge to cover additional cleaning costs. All lights shall be switched off before leaving, and the premises must be locked and secured. If the heating thermostat setting has been adjusted it should be returned to 5 degrees.

Without prior consent, no furniture shall be removed from the premises.

No notices or decorations shall be attached to painted surfaces. (Notices and decorations can be attached to wooden surfaces, but only using Blue Tack or similar product – nails, pins and adhesive tape must not be used.)

No alteration shall be made to the fabric of the premises without the written permission of the Committee. Any permitted alteration shall be carried out only by operatives approved by the Committee.

11. The Committee reserves the right to refuse or cancel any booking, or to close any area of the premises at any time.

12. The Committee reserves the right to alter or cancel any of the conditions of hire at any time.

If any problem arises relating to entry into the premises, please contact the booking secretary on 07468210068.





Scottish Charity Number: SCO43209

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