The Victoria and Albert Halls (Ballater) Trust Charitable Purposes:

a) to provide recreational and meeting facilities to benefit and improve the conditions of life for all the inhabitants of the community of Ballater and district, and to encourage all members of the community to come together to take part in recreational activities and leisure pursuits.

b) to advance education by providing space for educational activities for all inhabitants of the community, and in particular young people.


 Gordon Riddler - Trust Chairman
Dr Douglas Glass - Vice Chairman
William Meston - Treasurer
Councillor Sarah Brown - Representative for Aberdeenshire Council
Ian Hay - Improvements Group Convenor
Ed Bushnell - Fire and Safety
Cat Scripps - Publishing Events Convenor
Wallis Riddell - Maintenance / Health and Safety
Bill Braid - Improvements / Maintenance / Fire Safety
Alan Ross - Improvements
Russell Hogg - Communications / Marketing




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